You light my fire, Providence

This is gonna sound weird if you’ve never heard of it, but Providence does this really cool thing where it lights braziers on fire! Not brassieres, silly, but braziers, as in large metal containers holding coal or wood. On weekends throughout the summer, the revitalized downtown hosts WaterFire, one cool public art display that involves setting the water ablaze. A man with a long braid and flowy pants with orange flames creeping up the side is delivered by boat to each wood pile where he performs some fire theatrics before igniting each section with a torch. Throughout the night, boats full of people clad in black glide through the water, stopping at each brazier to stoke the flames.

Providence illuminated

Providence illuminated

The riverside is dark and still, while the crowd awaits fire, and atmospheric music is piped throughout the area, lending the event an eerie, magical feel. A section of illuminated blue lanterns creates a little wonderland of light.


So, to sum up: go to Providence and check this out. It’s fun and free and fiery! Plus, it’s really dark, so you can make out in public with your lover or find someone in the crowd and have your way with him. It’s dark. No one will ever know.


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