JoBros! (Wait, who are they again?)

My friends and I were driving home from the beach the other day when we passed a car full of girls, honking and squealing in a joyful, yet screechy kind of way that could only mean one thing: they were headed to the Jonas Brothers concert. The fact that their rear window announced in bubbly letters “Jonas Brothers or Bust” confirmed our suspicions.

I’m sure by their uber-enthusiastic reaction that they thought we were kinfolk, members of the JoBro fan club. If they thought they had allies in us, a car full of women pushing forty, well, who were we to correct them? Thanks, tweens for making us feel young.

For a superb recap of the show, check out this review by my friend Kitchen Door, who looks nothing like a kitchen door.

2 thoughts on “JoBros! (Wait, who are they again?)

  1. Dude! I can’t believe you wrote pushing forty! Soon you’ll be writing we don’t know anything about Twilight. (That’s the one about the vampires, FYI.)

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