Tall ships

You gotta love an event that’s named so simply and accurately: Tall Ships.

I remember when they came to Boston ten years ago; I couldn’t have been less interested. This time, though, the idea of these majestic oldies seemed so anachronistic, I just had to see them, so I took a leisurely stroll along the Harborwalk to check them out one day after work last week. So did a lot of other people. It was hard to tell if people were more excited to see the ships or the sun. The sun!

Here’s a tall ship gleaming in the sunlight by Rowes Wharf…


and a couple docked by the World Trade Center at night, all glowy:


We stumbled upon them the second time after spotting from afar twinkly lights draped along the mast, like they were decorated for Christmas. 

Boston.com has a nice slide show of the ships, which sailed out yesterday morning for the vast, slightly frightening open ocean.


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