Snail trail

You might have noticed it’s Nature Week here at Musings at a Picnic (also known as I Just Got a Digital Camera and I’m Using it in My Backyard and on All My Walks Week).

For example, I keep spotting this snail in my yard. He comes out when it’s damp (along with his buddies the slugs and earthworms), but he just seems like the oddest creature to be hanging out in the grass. His shell belongs more at the beach. Maybe I’ll take him the next time I hit the beach—give him a new change of scenery. I can’t imagine he’d appreciate it. And I kind of like seeing him every time it rains, so fine, I’ll leave him be. I’ll just harass him like I’m the paparazzi. 

Dude, you try carrying your house

Dude, you try carrying your house


2 thoughts on “Snail trail

  1. I love snails, and I spend most of my weekends taking photos of the snais in my back garden. My girlfriend thinks we should collect them and have them for dinner but I saw NO everytime. How can you each somethign that looks so beautiful.

    When the weather is good I sometimes go to the park and meet up with the guys snail appreciation society. We spend hours and hours swappign photos. One of the guys, his name is Greg – everytime i bring out my pictures greg seems to smile and then play with his pockets. One day I asked the other guys why he does that. They told me he is just playing his change.

    Thats ok, I like Greg we have so much in common we both love snails and we both like play with our change.

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