It’s not cricket

Cricket, that ever-so-civil sport of the Continent, plays a major role in the book Netherland by Joseph O’Neill. It’s a sport that unites immigrants trying to make New York City home; to one, it represents his American dream. It’s also a model of behavior reflected in the saying, “It’s not cricket.” After a player pulls a gun on the field and the other players talk him down, the umpire gives an inspirational speech about what it means to play cricket in their adopted country. The gun incident, he tells the teams, is not cricket.

Now that’s a saying we should adopt. I’m gonna try it out in the  grocery store when a rule breaker rolls in to the 10 Items or Less line with a cart full of food. “Excuse me, ma’am, that’s not cricket.” If someone interrupts me: “Hey, man: not cricket. And when someone cuts me off in traffic, I’m gonna yell out the window, “That’s not cricket.” But then, I guess that wouldn’t be cricket.

It's not cricket

It's not cricket


5 thoughts on “It’s not cricket

  1. LOL! I will try this at work, the next time someone invariably shirks off his duties and then comes to me for emergency assistance. “Not cricket.” I suspect soon enough I’ll be left alone because I’m the weird girl sitting in the corner cubicle…

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