Observations by the Charles River

Observations made from a bench on an afternoon by the Charles River

1. Scuba diver in full wetsuit and flippers diving for treasure or possibly just fixing the dock. 

2. A hawk so still and high in midair that it looks like a UFO.

3. Traffic on Storrow Dr. and the Longfellow Bridge, a pity on such a beautiful afternoon.

4. A man with webbed feet that, upon closer inspection, are those water shoes resembling socks.

5. A Community Boating newbie headed straight for the bridge.

6. Busy river traffic: a kayaker dodging the sailboats, a colorful Duck Boat, and a no-nonsense State Police boat.

7. The requisite runners, rollerbladers, and cyclists in shorts. Finally.

8. Ducks gliding in for a river landing like tiny planes.

sailboats at longfellow


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