Hair hell

Some may find it odd that I buy beauty products at yard sales. But when you’ve endured 36 years of frizzy hair and long for curl definition, you realize that other people have also spent the equivalent of a college education on hair products and why not try their castoffs? 

This spring, I scooped up a bottle of Christophe of Beverly Hills contour creme for 50 cents. Ladies, it was the best 50 cents I’ve spent in a long time. That curl defining creme gave me Keira Knightly hair with a bounce of curls and nary a stray frizzy strand. 

When I researched the product, I found that it is carried exclusively by CVS, a good thing, because my bottle was almost used up. I gasped at the price of the Christophe products ($20+) but decided that my hair is worth it. So, off to CVS with some crisp 20 dollar bills in hand, I spotted the luxury line of Christophe’s shampoos, conditioners, and sprays. The miracle contour creme, however, was nowhere to be found. Online research turned up the fact that it’s unavailable. I don’t know what this means. Surely it can’t mean that my holy grail of hair care products is no longer available to me. It can’t, right?

You know your hair is in a desperate situation when you slap down 16 whole dollars on a a tube of some random new smoothing milk and await the miracle that you know will not happen, because only Christophe can deliver miracles.

No miracles occur.

Of course, others don’t seem to notice when my hair is…troubled. They say stuff like, “It looks fine. Doesn’t look any different.” Now see, that scares me, because what I see is a giant fro, which essentially, they see all the time.

And while I did save twenty bucks, I live with the knowledge that my mane could be glamorous—if only Christophe or CVS could see the error of its ways, bring back the product, and allow my hair to relive its glory days.

Have you found your miracle hair product? (And if so, can I have it?)


2 thoughts on “Hair hell

  1. I’ve decided that I read your blog so I might as well comment! I myself was given a bottle of Kerastase Oleo Curl by a hair stylist. Pure magic. I recently ran out and so went to buy some more…for $35 dollars. This is the essential dilemma all curly haired girls face, splurge on something that works or settle for something cheaper but doesn’t quite do the job. I’m still wrestling with this one but let me know if you discover another miracle creme, I’m always on the lookout.

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