Eat, pray, love and show up

Thanks to a blogger I stumbled upon, I discovered one of those ever-so-inspiring TED videos featuring Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote the phenomenal best-selling memoir Eat, Pray, Love, and was intrigued by her thoughts on creativity and genius. If you’re a creative type—especially a creative type finding excuses not to create—check it out.

Gilbert posits the notion that instead of believing ourselves to be creative selves, we might do well to go back to what the ancient Greeks and Romans believed, pre-Renaissance, that creativity comes from the spirits. The result? Less pressure to create the work of your life, which might allow you to…create the work of your life. With this burden lifted, and the belief that you are a vessel through which the ideas will flow, an artist might be less stifled by expectations and blocks—and less prone to be a falling down drunk like so many 20th century writers who offed themselves. Just saying. So, no more quest for a muse. Let the muse come to you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you wait around for inspiration to arrive. Your job is to be ready, to show up. Every day. Show up at your easel, your desk, your dance floor. Just show the hell up.


One thought on “Eat, pray, love and show up

  1. Geez, that’s exactly right! Showing up is at least half the battle. Once I’m there, something will happen…..always does. Whether I like what happens or not is besides the point.

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