Highlights of a beach day

1. It’s May—already beach weather. Well, it was last week when it hit 90°.

2. The drive to the beach is one of anticipatory joy, especially when skies are sparkling, and you’re bound for the sandy tip of the Cape.

3. The Cape station starts to come in halfway there.

4. The beach is glorious, even if it’s 50° at the shore and the winds shriek “Welcome to the Antarctic Sahara.” You cuddle up to the dog for warmth.

5. The day is half over at the bayside beach when you consider checking out another beach on the ocean side. Instead, you return to napping.

6. You get windblown and sandy, relishing the free pumice stone treatment. 

7. The cold drives you inside to the warmth of the car, and you head to dinner with your girlfriend who’s not your girlfriend but a friend who’s a girl, but you’re in Provincetown so no one would care anyway.

8. You take ridiculous pictures like you’re a tourist in your own state.

No tongue, please

No tongue, please

9. On the drive home, you spot a red fox running along Route 6 in Wellfleet. He looks sly.

10. You catch the Sox game on a static-y AM station that comes in clearer when you reach Boston and drive by Fenway.

11. On the newsbreak, you hear how the morning commute on the T was halted by a tripped switch that caused commuters to be stuck on trains in tunnels for a half hour, while, it must be said, you were heading to the beach.


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