Photo identification

Excellent guesses on yesterday’s game of Identify that Frightening Foreign Object. I was pretty convinced it was a giant potato, but it was no spud.

So, what was that hulking thing that washed up on shore while my friend and I were lounging at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown last week? Are you ready for it? 

Insert drum roll.

The inflated object is a bloated whale tongue. 


I wouldn’t know that except for when it was deposited on the beach on Thursday, it was still attached to the whale. The mammal, buoyed by it’s giant tongue that expands upon decomposition, was a juvenile male finback that caused a small group of curious onlookers to circle around and play marine scientists for a day. According to our expert opinion, it’s likely the whale died a natural death. Though if you ask me, there’s nothing natural about a tongue the size of a boulder.

Beach sadness

Beach sadness


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