A nostalgic walk through Time

We have the cleaning bug at work. The frenzy emerged after we began organizing my co-worker’s office. For her birthday I thought, What would L want most in the world? When I realized I couldn’t afford any of those things, I offered her a choice: a fancy lunch out or my help cleaning her paper-laden office (with a sandwichy-lunch thrown in). Frankly, I would have gone with the fancy lunch, but her office, having reached desperate proportions, pressed her to enlist me as a clean-up cheerleader. It’s a gift to me too because I enjoy employing tough love and yelling, What the hell are you gonna do with another empty folder? or Are these student papers from ’89?; into the trash! Makes me feel like Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear.

Our efforts extended to the copier room (read: where stuff goes to die) and we unearthed a decade’s worth of Time magazines that spanned the 80s and 90s. What a trip down conservative memory lane. A bevy of fresh-faced leaders and others that graced the covers: Bush Sr., Colin Powell, Dick Cheney (who knew who he was in 1990 and that we should be afraid?), John Ashcroft, Clarence Thomas, and other “newcomers”: Bill Gates, Madonna, Lee Iacocca, all equalized by the cheesy graphics. There were breaking stories: Aspirin helps prevent heart attacks! and a number of stories that are reincarnated every year like: Is our food safe? 

I called our school librarian to see if he wanted the mags for the archives, but they have the online version of Time going back to ’83, so out went the old news. Recycling has never been so satisfying, even if there is something trippy about recycling time…

Ellen Time magazine


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