A new type of traffic

My co-worker and I left the office the other day to grab some lunch, emerging onto a busy Boston street where we came face-to-face with a new type of traffic: two horses on patrol. Now, crossing this street can feel like a game of Frogger at times, but the horses seemed to slow life down and we stood and stared like tourists.

The creatures, working horses used to patrol Boston Common, are more of a tourist attraction these days. At least, I can’t imagine these guys on horseback galloping after a purse snatcher, but maybe they do. On this particular day though, we watched the horses sidle up to the sidewalk and lift a hoof as if parking, while one officer dismounted to grab some lunch at a pizza shop. Pedestrians stopped to pet the horses, and cars whizzed by, hardly fazing the horses. Yet, the beasts seemed to be gazing inside the pizza place, as if to ask, “Can we get some hay to go?”

horses on patrol


2 thoughts on “A new type of traffic

  1. We have police who patrol on horses in downtown Mobile. The come out in droves during Mardi Gras and are a great deterrent for would-be troublemakers. Love the photo in your header. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. This scene makes me think of the 19th century Boston I’ve read about in which the streets were so snarled with horse-driven traffic that city officials were able to push through plans for a subway system. It’s difficult to think of a “horse traffic” problem in a modern city, but Boston lets us peek into the possibility. Thanks Summer Picnic for reminding us why we choose to live here where the old and the new charmingly juxtapose themselves in the most unexpected ways.

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