Witnessing Jehovah’s Witnesses

It used to be when I heard a knock on the door, I’d creep around to see if I could see who it was, lest I open the door to an onslaught of proselytizing. Now I don’t even try to hide the fact that I’m home. They can hit up my neighbor, but I’m not answering. 

But I do like these two women at the Harvard T station who take a different tact. Mother and daughter hang out as commuters stream by, not approaching or accosting them, but standing quietly holding up copies of Watchtower, a Jehovah’s Witness publication. Their religious dedication is evident, but they don’t force it down anyone’s throat. They wait for people to approach them. Which is why I was happy to see a young man approach them last week, curious. A seeker! 

Their if-you-stand-here-they-will-come attitude is admirable. It takes a lot of discipline not to try to spread the word in a zealous way, but to let people come to them with questions of faith. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that same young man standing there one day.

Of course, just when I thought I was OK with all this, I went to the Watchtower website and was shocked to see  an article titled “Negotiating a Reasonable Bride-Price.” WHAT???

8 thoughts on “Witnessing Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. What?! A Bride Price?!

    I haven’t noticed the 2 women standing in the T station. However, I am always looking for the cute Mormon boys with their name tags and friendly smiles. They REALLY stick out with those friendly smiles here in Boston. And the nametags. Plus, they’re so nice, I feel like they’d help me move if I asked them.

  2. Dear summer picnic, the article “Negotiating a Reasonable Bride-Price.” is just that, an article about the subject. In some countries, that is the tradition. The article was not condoning it! When the news on TV reports on something, does not mean they are condoning, participating etc., just reporting the new!

  3. Good point. I suppose the article does not mean that this is a practice encouraged by Jehovah’s Witnesses, but it does seem an odd choice for an article if not. Or at least a controversial one.

  4. I read the article, too. It seems the JW are trying to figure out how to operate in new territory. I wonder if they, like the Catholic religion, are having better luck gaining followers in different countries with cultural norms they haven’t dealt with before. Kinda interesting.

  5. I think many households in predominantly Christian Nations do not openly welcome Jehovah’s Witnesses because their door to door ministry seems designed to mislead the housholder into beleiving the same lies that Satan told in the Garden of Eden.

    If you read the following newsletter you should see the parallels to the Edenic Sin:

    They really are like Satan dressed in a nice suit and tie knocking on your door!

    No wonder so many Nations have banned them!

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