Forget Autumn in New York

Remember that awful movie Autumn in New York with Winona Ryder and Richard Gere? No? Well, don’t see it. As much as I thought the whole fall New York setting could save that movie, it couldn’t. Instead, you should go to New York in the springtime. My boyfriend and I just spent a few days exploring the city (read: walking an inhumane number of blocks) and savoring this unfamiliar season that is suddenly upon us. I saw actual buds on the trees. 

The masses are restless now that the nice weather has hit and the weekend in the city is a mob scene, but we found that on a weeknight stroll through Central Park at dusk we had the park to ourselves—as much as you can have anything to yourself in NYC. Families streamed through Riverside Park along the Hudson, eager to be outdoors where things were—gasp—blooming, and outdoor restaurants were littered with people sunning and eating at tiny tables leashed to tiny dogs.

With great trepidation, I even ventured out for a full day jacketless and in sandals, a bold move given that I had been wearing a scarf the day before. In the park, despite throngs of people walking, picnicking, and taking pictures—saxophone music wafting in the background—there were moments of beauty and stillness to be found. Like this view of the park where not one person could be seen. 

Central Park, you're pretty

Central Park, you're pretty

Even this turtle took a moment to sun itself…or was just hopelessly stuck on a rock.

The water is so close. But I think I'm stuck.

Am I stuck? The water is so very close...


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