Easter Bunny bonanza

I require a certain amount of chocolate to maintain my chipper self, and this Easter, I had not one little chocolate bunny. No matter. I took it upon myself to raid the supermarket the day after Easter when bunnies and pastel-colored everything are half off. The next morning, the local CVS was cleaned out, a few stray strands of grass remaining. The supermarket had exactly one chocolate bunny (in pieces) and leftover creme eggs. I trekked to a third place where I scored the last giant Hershey Kiss, which is supposed to be five servings but that I eat in two. OK, sometimes one.

Unsatisfied, I forged on. At Stop & Shop, I scored two Lindt bunnies in gold foil. Hmph. It wasn’t until the last drugstore, feeling defeated, that I hit the motherload: seven mammoth Kisses, a supersized bunny, and a Russell Stover bunny. I scooped them up (no, it wasn’t embarrassing; why do you ask?) and unloaded them at the register. The checkout woman smiled.

“I didn’t get one chocolate bunny for Easter,” I explained.

“They’re all for you?” she asked. Maybe she thought I was a teacher or a generous mother.

“They’ll last me a week,” I said.

She laughed. “But you’re so skinny!”

“I know! It’s great!” Usually I feel guilty about my superhuman metabolism, but I was very focused on the fact that I would now have a cupboard full of chocolate and needed to get it home fast so I could start nibbling the little ears and paws like a rabbit.


Yummy bunnies

Yummy bunnies

2 thoughts on “Easter Bunny bonanza

  1. I was hitherto unaware of your superhuman metabolism – now I’m all jealous. 😉

    But I had a similar experience, anyway; no chocolate bunnies for Easter. Except my attempt to raid my local CVS ended in ignominious failure, since the Easter aisle looked at though it had been hit by a mortar shell and destroyed.

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