Movie lameness

I have five observations to make about the lameness of current movie fare:

1. You’re not crazy. There are two movies about mall cops out there right now. That’s two. Movies about mall cops.

2. Why does the director of  Little Miss Sunshine and Sunshine Cleaning feel compelled to stick the word “sunshine” in both his movie titles and center the films on dysfunctional families (with Alan Arkin) traveling around in a van?  

3. Hannah Montana: The Movie. Really, kids? Really? Are you not over this character yet?

4. To the guys behind Fast & Furious: remember how ridiculous Rocky XV was?

5. Did the genius who titled his movie Gomorrah not anticipate that everyone would refer to his movie as gonorrhea?


3 thoughts on “Movie lameness

  1. My movie comments:

    I don’t think the guys behind the Fast and Furious franchise care about how bad their movies are as their latest one has made like a billion dollars.

    And I just might see the current mall cop movie because I have a little crush on Seth Rogen. There, I said it. I find Seth Rogen adorable.

  2. Yes times five. I do kind of want to see Duplicity, though. Julia Roberts in fancy clothes! Clive Owen in whatever! A plot that will no doubt collapse in on itself if you think about it for three seconds! Love! Right up my alley, clearly.

  3. Ah, yes, but did Kevin James’ lame mall cop movie have date rape? Oh, I don’t think so. Seth Rogen’s getting right to the issues.

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