Fleecing by floss

Day 175

Originally uploaded by a Dan of action

Can someone tell me why dental floss is so expensive? It’s a piece of string. Does that waxy coating really account for the $4.49 price for Glide Comfort Plus? Sure, you can get some $1.99 brand, but it’s like flossing with thread. Seriously, dentists, if you want us to floss every day—and I know you do because I get the lecture every six months— then you should pressure Crest and others to make its flimsy string affordable.


4 thoughts on “Fleecing by floss

  1. My dentist used to say that if she were stranded on a desert island with either a toothbrush OR floss that she would opt for the floss. That never made sense to me.

    Maybe that’s why her breath smelled so bad…j/k!

  2. I kept forgetting to buy floss and FINALLY remembered to pick some up — at Whole Foods. Yikes. I won’t tell anyone how much it cost. But I love it! It’s cranberry flavored. And all natural, of course. Exactly what you look for in dental floss.

  3. Some people are quirky. My quirk is that I’m pretty crazy about dental floss. My advice is to go out and spend $20 on floss. Buy all different kinds and try them out. You see, floss doesn’t go bad, and it’s mostly good, so a $20 floss spending spree is really an investment.

    Keep some in your travel bag, in your purse, at home, and in the office. Maybe even the car. You’ll have a lot of floss. But eventually you’ll use it all.

    And then, next time you need to buy floss, you’ll know exactly what kind of floss is for you. And your dentist will love you because you’ll spend less time occupying the dentist chair.

  4. OK, floss fans. Check out the cartoon in this week’s The New Yorker. “Costco Floss.” Let’s just say it’s about floss in a quantity that aficionados can totally appreciate.

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