When two guide dogs meet

I was getting off the train the other day behind a woman and her guide dog when the dog halted at the sight—or scent— of another guide dog whose owner was getting on the train. The highly trained dogs, normally in perfect sync with their owners, broke ranks and started sniffing the competition. Unsure of what was going on, their owners tugged on the harnesses—but not before the dogs conferred.

Hey, you workin’? the black lab said.

This job sucks, the tan lab said. I’m like the eyes for two people. It’s a lot of pressure.

For real. How’s your person? the black lab wanted to know.

Cool. But she wants to go everywhere. I’m exhausted.

The two dogs sighed. Seconds after relishing a rare encounter with a kindred spirit, they parted. Each dog looked back, wistful at what might have been.

I need a day off

I need a day off


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