Winter is cold for unadorned necks. I’m always looking for new ways to keep warm while being fashionable, and I found my latest accessory obsession on Etsy: the necklush. The name alone enticed me, and when I perused the website, I was sold. The thick scarf is made from loops of cotton fabric and comes in a variety of colors. I went with a neutral gray, so I could wear it with most outfits. You wrap it around your neck a few times, like a long, luscious necklace, and voila! A unique scarf that  keeps your neck warm and trendy.

In fact, when a co-worker told me she spotted a woman on the T with a necklush, I felt like a trendsetter. More likely, the trend was already well under way, but whatever.

One cozy accessory: the necklush

And a follow up I just stumbled upon, also on Etsy, is equivalent neckerchief for dogs, because every dog wants a cozy neck. Well, maybe not St. Bernards and other shaggy types, but little shivery dogs need help staying warm—and looking cool when trying to measure up to a muscular greyhound or those adorable Yorkies. And now, they can buy their own knit neck attire at the click of a paw.

One toasty dog

One toasty dog


5 thoughts on “Necklush

  1. Ooooh! I like this! I am always walking around with a cold neck and I’m trying to stay away from grandma’s turtlenecks. I’ll have to check these out…although, it would be for next year since its SPRING!!

  2. Just wandered by when I saw your bit on the Necklush. I have been wearing the funk into mine like you wouldn’t believe! I just ordered a couple more so that I don’t beat my current one into the ground.

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