Could Grover be laid off?

Sesame Workshop announced yesterday that it will cut 20% of its work force. What? You know times are bad when even the puppets are taking a hit. How is the adorable yet inept Super Grover going to land another superhero gig in this economy? His stint as a waiter was a failure, and that monster label doesn’t help.

Grover: out of the job?

Grover: out of the job?

Looks like the Count won’t be counting his stacks of money anymore. I’m worried about Bert and Ernie too, though what those guys do exactly is a mystery. Cookie Monster’s made a career of devouring cookies, which strikes me as an excellent job but the first to go in a tough economy. Oscar, seemingly unemployed already, may need to give up that sweet plot of real estate for a cheaper corner. And Big Bird? He’s only six, so his resume is lacking, and he lives in a hood that’s on the decline with no parents to care for him. He could be out on the streets tomorrow, which, I guess for a bird would be fine. Still. 

If anyone’s gotta go, I say it should be Elmo. That creep never paid his dues and somehow usurped Grover in popularity in the 80s; I’ve never forgiven him. If heads are gonna roll, I hope one of them is Elmo’s.


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