Layoff upside

My co-worker noted a strange phenomenon this week: an exceptionally light commute. Could it be that we’re starting to see the effect of the layoffs on the road, she asked? 

If so, hurrah! Finally, a silver lining to the depressing downturn.


7 thoughts on “Layoff upside

  1. I would just like to say “Wow” that is a hilarious take on the layoffs! lets just hope we don’t feel the other side of the axe!

  2. Well, I survived today!! decided to post a little background on it and my take on layoffs in general (haven’t posted it quite yet…)

  3. My officemate and I are working to set up (i.e., yakking about setting up) a competitor to Boston’s buses, aimed at people with decent cell phones. Each bus–probably a van actually–would have GPS so you could see exactly where it is on its route, and each regular passenger could specify every day what time they expect to arrive at/leave work. That way buses only arrive on time, there are always enough to meet demand, and if they’re not really needed, they don’t run.

    Okay, give us money now pls k thnx.

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