Oscar recognizes the departed, sort of

Is it wrong that the part of the Oscars that my roommate and I were most looking forward to was the retrospective that honors those in film who died last year? Or, as we callously referred to it: the dead list? Probably. We’re morbid like that. But there’s always a surprise or two on the list that makes you say, “Oh, no, really? Sidney Lumet died?” or yell out, “That guy, died? He was in everything.” The name, however, will not ring a bell.

Quite a few prominent folks in the industry went to the big movie theater in the sky this year: Paul Newman, Anthony Minghella, Bernie Mac, Cyd Charisse, Heath Ledger—the list goes on; unfortunately, the way the segment was filmed, alternating between the images and Queen Latifah who was singing a tribute, made it impossible to see the names. Man, you can’t even get respect when you’re dead. Just one more reason not to die—in Hollywood anyway.


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