Monkey business

For the longest time, I wanted to train monkeys. I know, but this wasn’t some desire to work for the circus or a passing fancy. In fact, I was still interested in this career path well into my 20s. I wanted to work for Helping Hands, an organization that provides clever little capuchins to people with disabilities. Monkeys help with everything from food preparation to answering the phone (well, they won’t do the talking for you, but still). Early on, a monkey is paired with a volunteer family that agrees to take on this child, of sorts, while it matures. Then the extensive Monkey College training, similar to guide dog instruction, begins. 

At this point, you may be chuckling. And you know, that’s just what my friend did when I told her my monkey training dream way back. “You want to what?” she asked. Hopes dashed, I packed away the little monkey onesies, and moved on. But in light of the recent chimp attack that left a woman severely mauled (albeit by a much larger animal), it’s possible my friend may have saved my life. Thanks for laughing at my dream, friend.


3 thoughts on “Monkey business

  1. I don’t think your dream was a bad one. The recent chimp attack was tragic, but probably inevitable. I have seen documentaries describing how primates usually become too violent once they reach sexual maturity, and poor Travis’ age indicated that scenerio.

    But your desire to help others by using animals is admirable. Animals can help us in so many ways, and using monkeys to help disabled people is an interesting one. You might be right though, we might have to stick to dogs and ponies.

  2. Dude, I so did not say “you want to what?” I just burst into fits of laughter. For three reasons. 1. You were a sociology major. 2. I was assuming it would involve math and science classes, both of which you hate. 3. I believed there would be diaper changing involved.

  3. Thanks for the comment, envisionhope and for not laughing at my dream…like my friend did.
    : )

    And yes, friend, I do recall you bursting into laughter. I was trying to sugar coat it so you could save face, but the truth is out. It’s true; I didn’t love science. Nor did I have the desire to change any primate’s diapers, so again, thanks.

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