Folding magazines

Magazines are one of life’s simple pleasures. Recently though, they’ve been folding as fast as a deck of cards. O at Home shut down two years ago. Then, it was downhill for any home-themed publication: Cottage Living, Home, Country Home. This year, it’s Domino—though could a magazine about shopping really expect a long shelf-life? This month, Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion closed up shop, which is too bad because as unfortunate as its title was, it was actually a lovely little magazine that highlighted artists and crafts and celebrated individual style. 

Three years ago, Organic Style folded, just as the world was catching the organic wave. Made no sense, though I did just discover an online version of the newly launched magazine, which made me as happy as finding organic ice cream on sale at Whole Check. I still miss the print version, but I suppose an eco-friendly magazine really should be in the business of saving paper. Then, Budget Living ceased publication in ’06. I can only imagine that those are two titles that would be flourishing today had they been able to stay afloat. Who couldn’t use tips on budget living these days? And if you’re not thinking organic at the grocery store yet, well, you probably weren’t gonna buy the magazine anyway, so nevermind.

The latest issue of Bust, a superb magazine for chicks that flips the idea of a women’s magazine on its head, features a semi-desperate Letter from the Editor, in which she pleads for readers to subscribe. Ladies, go to your mailboxes.

Somewhere along the line, magazines became an extravagant indulgence. But when times are tough, don’t you want a little pick-me-up of visual treats and handy tips? Yeah, you do.


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