Friday is no time for math

Today, I was required to do some budget reconciling at work. On a Friday afternoon. This involved math. Now, I don’t enjoy math anytime, but I harbor particular resentment for it at 3 p.m. on a Friday. Might have something to do with the fact that I’m not good at it. This may be a result of the phenomenon where girls spiral downward in the math and sciences in middle school, never to recover. Hardly matters. It’s not a skill I can perfect at this point. I tried a few years back when I was reviewing for the math section of the GRE. I thought approaching math as an adult would be easier. I was wrong. As I was over and over again on my answers. In fact, I maintain that all the time spent studying parallelograms would have been better invested in a good guessing strategy. My language score was almost double the math. No MIT for me.

And here I am, years later thinking how all those math teachers were right. Math does come in handy. And not just for calculating 30% off a slammin’ pair of jeans, but in almost-as-important places like say, your job.


One thought on “Friday is no time for math

  1. Oh. My sympathies. As someone who has to live with a Math superstar I can relate. He actually LOVES math! How is that possible? It’s like a foreign language to me. Nothing quite makes me feel as incompetant at adulthood as Math.

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