Who is this?

I got a call at work the other morning that went like this:

Me: Hello?

Woman: Hi, it’s Deanna. How are you?

Me: Uh, good. You?

Deanna: Good, thanks. I just wanted to remind you that you have an appointment tomorrow at 9.

Me: Who is this?

Deanna: Deanna. 

Me: Right. Deanna.

Deanna: From Dr. B’s office. 

Me: Oh, yeah. I’ll be there.

Note to Deanna who is my dental hygienist: We are not friends. Using your first name to identify yourself doesn’t work. I may have been seeing you for two years, but I have clearly blocked out your name due to the unpleasant experience you provide every six months. Plus, I’ve got the terrifying note “Dentist” on my calendar already. I know it’s a courtesy reminder, but I’d rather not hear from you in advance; it causes the dread to descend a day early. Is it not enough that you get to poke around my gums with sharp instruments?


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