Thoughts on the Oscars and the ubiquitous Slumdog Millionaire

I bought into all the hype about Slumdog Millionaire and was eager to see this movie that everyone’s calling a heartfelt love story. “Uplifting” is the word that’s been floated around. Well, I am a sucker for uplifting love stories. And let me tell you. This is one of those movies—if you find poverty, violence, abuse, and death to be uplifting. 

The Oscar nominees were announced this morning, and Slumdog was nominated for Best Picture. Well, what do I know?

I wish, instead though, that the Academy had recognized The Visitor or Elegy, two great little films, but they didn’t draw the numbers that the Brad Buttons or the Frost/Nixon movie did—though has anyone actually seen Frost/Nixon

Anyway, the race for me is in the Best Actor category. The competition is fierce, but my vote goes to Richard Jenkins for The Visitor. His name came as a surprise in place of guys like Leonardo DiCaprio and Clint Eastwood, because his performance was pitch perfect. 

In the Best Actress category, isn’t it an unwritten rule that you just hand the statue to Meryl Streep? That works. She scared me in Doubt.

Good nominations and bad, I’ll be glued to my TV Feb. 22. eating it up.


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