The Parisians have it right

Sometimes you just need to go sit in a cafe and lounge. After work, I found myself with one of those rare moments: a free night where laundry was the only thing on my agenda. I stopped by a cafe in Harvard Square to warm up with hot chocolate, work out a crossword puzzle, and eavesdrop on the cute couple sitting across from me at the communal table who were getting some work done before hightailing it home to catch Lost. 

I love that our culture is evolving into a cafe society, encouraged by both the big guys (Starbucks) and the independents. As a nation, we’re conditioned to be hard-working, connected people—the majority of patrons were parked in front of their laptops—but perhaps this little movement is our way of slowing down. A way to take time to read a book or catch up with a friend or indulge in the gentle art of doing nothing. And I am so good at that.



One thought on “The Parisians have it right

  1. I love this photo. I experienced my own version after getting some hot chocolate from the hot chocolate bar. It’s back! But only for a day 😦

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