Calendar girl

I don’t know about you, but I can’t start the new year off without a pretty calendar. I need big blank blocks to fit all my fun to-do stuff and a little artwork to go with each month. You might say I obsess over buying just the right wall calendar. I mean, I have to look at it every day so I couldn’t bear to tack up one of those free insurance calendars that come with the same bloody nature shots every year. Yes, the waterfall is beautiful. Yes, the national park is a joy. 

Last year, I went with one called Simplicity that featured lovely photos of placid lakes, a gate covered with climbing flowers, a foggy meadow—simple scenes to meditate on, which helps when you sit in an office all day.

Most Januarys, I buy a calendar by Wolf Kahn, a German-born American painter who creates the most delightful pastels—scenes of barns and stands of trees—all bright light and pastoral landscapes. 

This year, I went with an old favorite: artist Gustave Baumann, also a German-born American artist (hmmm) who creates detailed woodcuts in rich oranges and browns—mostly of Southwest landscapes. The calendar, called A Small, Untroubled World, feels like just that: a window on my wall to a sweet world of tiny villages and blossoming trees. Excuse me, while I take a little vacation.



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