Start a blog. Check!

Last year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to jump start my writing by starting a blog. My computery technical skills were low and my frustration level high, but I recalled the time I thought I’d never transition from a journal to a word processor, so I soldiered on. I spent weeks mulling the content. Really, what was I gonna write about? I felt pressured to find the right title and just the right banner photo to reflect the feeling I wanted to project. I labored over what my first posts would be. Then I realized that I was doing what I always did when I sat down to write: procrastinating.

Oh, I love procrastinating. Not in general, so much, but when it comes to writing—oh, is procrastinating attractive. It used to be that I’d sit down in front of the typewriter (I started young), and I’d do a little test typing, hunting and pecking back then, to get in the groove. My desk would have to be just so. I’d eke out a sentence painfully, slowly, trying to get the sentence just right lest I have to employ the dreaded backspace and archaic correction ribbon.


Write. Now.

Write. Now.


When I wrote longhand, my pencils had to be lined up and sharpened, crisp white paper at the ready. Desk dusted. You know how it is.

One year later: mission accomplished. I’m approaching my 200th post, and while the time isn’t always there, the urge to write is still strong. I like this medium, especially the format that encourages short bursts of writing. No novels here. And I love that friends and strangers drop in to read these musings; I enjoy reading every comment they post.

I never thought I’d give up my typewriter or my pen and paper; I couldn’t imagine writing on a computer way back in the 90s; yet, here I am, blogging and discovering that each tool offers something new to a writer, including thoroughly modern ways to procrastinate.


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