Happy summer

I love weird weather. After a cold spell swept through New England, I’m looking forward to tomorrow when balmy 50s are predicted. My friend finds these freak changes in the atmosphere disturbing, but I love them. In fact, a warm day out of the blue can sustain me for weeks, especially if the heat wave comes as a surprise when I step out onto the porch for my morning weather check.

I get crazy, thinking I can break out the sandals or a skirt and take luxurious walks along the river. I’ve been known to take a day off based on an optimistic forecast. I dig out my bathing suit, just because. Usually, I end up having to endure a light jacket, but in the winter, 50 can feel like a day in August. A day without a scarf, hat and gloves is like a day at the beach, all that exposed skin seeking the sun. Ah, sun. You glorious burning beauty. You’d better come out tomorrow.


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