Suffering squirrels

At lunch today, my boss was saying how he was surprised to drive by a rich red bog not so long ago on his way to the Cape, when he thought all the little cranberries had been taken in for the winter. “Must be a bumper cranberry season,” he said.

Which somehow led my co-worker turning to me and saying, “Oh, that reminds me. I heard a sad harvest story on NPR and thought of you.” 

How my person calls to mind sad harvest stories, I’m not sure, but we indulged her.

“The squirrels are in trouble,” she said. “Apparently, there’s a serious acorn shortage this year. Oak trees experience bad cycles, but this one is particularly bad.”

This has me feeling sad indeed. I don’t have any special affection for squirrels, but the thought of them scurrying around the Common seeking and not finding flavorless little nuts makes me want to hunt and gather on their behalf, maybe host an acorn bake sale. But then I’d risk becoming the crazy squirrel lady, so forget it. Sorry, squirrels: it’s every rodent for himself.


Squirrel munching on acorn

Squirrel munching on rare acorn


4 thoughts on “Suffering squirrels

  1. There’s a huge problem with an oak borer that’s killing all of our wonderful trees here in Southern California…tis sad.

    Interestingly enough, our North American Grey Squirrels are flourishing in England, so much that they are severely threatening the native Red Squirrel population.

  2. My dog, Scout just caught his first squirrel a month or so ago. I was really proud of him because he’s always failed at chasing and catching anything. However we had a lot of women and children who were horrified that my dog had caught a rodent in his mouth. I told him to drop it and he did. The poor squirrel, with back legs broken and battered, halfway scampered into a hole where he died peacefully-ish.
    The main concern my wife and I had was that Scout would contract the bubonic plague, which several squirrels in our local mountains have contracted. Eh…he’s fine now. No problems…

    Way to go, killer!

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