Pre-Thanksgiving lunch tradition

For weeks prior to Thanksgiving, my co-workers and I salivate at the mention of food. Every year, our boss takes us to lunch on the day before the holiday as a way of saying thanks, and frankly, it’s a stellar tradition. Being the foodie of the group, I begin research on this project in early November. OK, October. We compare online restaurant reviews (Chowhound), keep our ears alert to new lunch spots opening around town, and consider Best of Boston nods. Or rather, I do this because I’m obsessive about us having a memorable experience. Everyone else is just happy to be taken to lunch, so they’re easy. 

Our standby has always been Les Zygomates near South Station, a comfortable brasserie with a perfect atmosphere, good food, and a wide selection of wine. Aquitaine in the South End is another favorite for their perfectly cooked salmon and French-inspired waiters. In the running this year is the new Barbara Lynch spot on the waterfront, Myers & Chang in the South End, Orinoco also in the South End for a little Latin-infused Thanksgiving, or whatever we stumble upon walking around this abundant city. Wherever we land, it must offer a tempting dessert tray and a waiter that encourages everyone to order their own desserts. We may be a close-knit, sharing kind of team, but we’re territorial when it comes to chocolate.

As you can imagine, my boss is a generous guy, and I sometimes need to rein in his extravagant suggestions lest he end up poor. Though I will say we went to the Four Season last year (my resistance waned), and I can still remember the taste of the truffle fries

Aquitaine's window in the South End



2 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving lunch tradition

  1. It’s lovely to have a generous boss, isn’t it? Given the number of wonderful restaurants in Boston and the staff’s desire for good food, a dear boss could find his retirement eaten away in a flurry of truffle-dusted fries.
    Is anyone watching Top Chef, BTW? That show makes me drop words like “gastromolecular” and “infusion” just as if such things were part of my daily life. Bon appetit, good readers!

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