Not long ago, cities were lousy with Starbucks. Well, they still are, I suppose. But now the Goliath that has signaled gentrification in neighborhoods has posted a profit loss of 97% this quarter. That’s a latte lattes. Sorry.

Now, the recent restructuring of the company that saw the closing of hundreds of Starbucks here and abroad seems to account for a large portion of this, but is the economy finally impacting peoples’ morning routines? Is $16.99 too much to pay for a cup of Joe? (I don’t drink coffee, so I don’t know: is that high?) 

Must we start a Save Starbucks campaign like we did for the independent coffee shops that Starbucks elbowed out a few years back? Will that spur a proliferation of mom and pop cafes on every corner to take the place of their corporate cousin leaving us to complain about them? Would Starbucks appreciate the irony?

The real question, however, is this: if the company is doing so poorly, why is it I’m never able to find a a seat at my local Starbucks, like ever?



4 thoughts on “Save…Starbucks?

  1. “if the company is doing so poorly, why is it I’m never able to find a seat at my local Starbucks, like ever?”

    Based on my experiences, I suspect that Massachusetts is home to a lot of die-hard Starbucks loyalists. 😉

    Seriously, though, this struck me as pretty scary economic news…proof that many people are really altering their day-to-day habits.

    Not sure about the $16.99 coffee, though; does even Starbucks really go that high?

  2. I do feel like we’re living in a bit of a bubble here in MA (motto: yes, we really are smarter than you). The three Starbucks in my daily life are ALWAYS full. Always. Even a random Tuesday afternoon when everyone should be at work. Try the one on near IHOP, it’s nice and warm and empty in the evenings. My helpful hint of the day.

  3. Starbuck helped me get through grad school and helped me get through my wedding plans.

    No. Let me rephrase that. Starbuck got me through grad school and my first wedding.

    I simply won’t let a friend live on the street if there is something I can do about it. So I’ll help out good old Starbuck – even if it is a corporation.

  4. In tough times, a girl (or guy) has to make serious latte decisions! Still, two or three dollars for a hot drink and an hour or two of uninterrupted solitude is a very good deal.

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