This lemonade tastes like my grandmother



Originally uploaded by samran

Somehow this Columbus Day, I found myself unintentionally eating a Mediterranean diet. For lunch, I went to Sofra and munched on a delicious grilled and truly flat flatbread sandwich of spinach and three cheeses—the spinach being incidental to the cheese consumption. Accompanying this was a lemonade that tasted like my grandmother. I can’t explain this but to say the infusion of rose water tasted how I imagine my grandmother would have tasted had I nibbled on her. She must have had a rose water-scented perfume or cream because I immediately sipped the drink and thought: Nana.

For dinner, I tried a recipe from the Fit TV channel that the TVs at the gym play—a channel I make fun of but that always sucks me because it’s oddly compelling to watch people working out while you’re working out, and their recipes do look healthy and appealing, which always surprises me. Such a skeptic.

Anyway, I made a lamb burger that was as simple as mixing in a little diced onion and chopped mint and molding the burger around a hunk of feta cheese (because it’s Fit TV, the guy used low-fat feta, but I saw no need for that). A good Greek combination, he explained. The feta, he added, is like a little surprise when you bite into the burger. The word “surprise” flashed on the screen in a low-tech graphic way, and ironic though it might have been, it made me laugh and try the lamb burger, which was delicious.


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