Boston needs Apartment Therapy

I’ve been on a season-long quest for the perfect mid-century coffee table—rich brown, clean lines, slim legs. My online searches routinely turn up dreamy tables on, but they’re always in the NYC classified listings, and thus too far. Once, not so long ago, Boston longed to be part of the Apartment Therapy rave that had taken root in other major cities, chiefly, New York. Now, with our own site, we’ll get to peek inside people’s pads in JP, shop for mid-century furniture in Brookline, lust after gorgeous photos of interiors, and OD on the design side of the city from Brimfield to Reside. Good times. 

Just browsing around, I stumbled on this post of a guy living on the Upper West who painted one of his walls using a blown up sketch of a paint-by-number. I bet his mother told him never to color on the walls.

And check out this cool loft that was a former soap factory. Hello, envy.


Ilan Averbuch's artist's loft in Queens from

Artist loft of Ilan Averbuch, Queens, posted on after appearing in The New York Times

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