Eat this

I indulged in amazing food this weekend, which is not much of an indulgence, I suppose, since I do it regularly, but still. First was a stop at Sofra, a Cambridge neighborhood bakery and cafe that opened a month ago and already has a line almost creeping out the door. Unable to decide which dessert to try, I ordered a cookie lunch: one chocolate sandwich cookie with milk jam (called “maureos”), a decadent chocolate chip cookie, and an earthquake cookie, so-named in my mind anyway, because the chocolate is powerful and there’s a little dust-up of powdered sugar every time you take a bite. (Note: the sandwich cookie is not pictured because well, I have no will power. But you can see them here because Flickr photogs get the job done.)

Cookies from Sofra

Cookies from Sofra

For lunch, I stopped by another Cambridge favorite: Formaggio Kitchen. The guys at Formaggio have this dangerous habit of holding an outdoor barbecue on Saturdays that tempts neighbors from blocks away with the aroma. Pulled pork that’s been marinating for hours can be had on Iggy’s square rolls, along with meaty ribs, pulled lamb, hot dogs, chicken and a special that called to me, even after I had already bought a half rack of ribs: a grilled lamejune with a paste of herbs, a little pork and a sprinkling of manouri cheese. Oh, God.

A pork-filled lamejune with melty manouri cheese and ribs

A pork-filled lamejune with melty manouri cheese and ribs


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