Joe Biden’s mother for president

Though commentators would have you believe that the speeches at this year’s convention are not compelling, not on target, not flashy–I have to disagree; the normally staid Democrats have seduced me with their speeches. Sorry, but I’m a sucker for good rhetoric and there were some effective lines in Hillary’s speech Tuesday night like “No way, no how, no McCain” punctuated by humorous moments like her reference to her “sisterhood of the traveling pants suits.” (And seriously, media slackers, enough about the outfits unless you’re prepared to waste equal time on the men’s ties.)

The most effective person in that convention hall though, was a woman whose only speech was to a young Joe Biden: his mother. When he stuttered as a boy, his mother assured him it was because he was so smart he just couldn’t get the words out fast enough; when he wasn’t as well dressed as the other boys, she told him he was handsome; when he came home beaten up by the older kids, she told him to well, go out there and bloody their noses. Nice! Now that’s a woman to get behind–if not for president, then at least for the Secretary of Defense. 


3 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s mother for president

  1. Joe Biden’s mother is a war-monger. Anyone who advocates violence as a solution rather than sitting down to discuss the differences–and bloody-ing someone else’s nose–is clearly a despicable war-monger and she should be impeached as Biden’s mother at once! How many noses must be bloodied before Mrs. Biden is brought to justice???

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