A lid for every pot

I was talking with a group of friends at the beach recently about relationships (a combination of women who are married, dating, and single), and the two of us who are single were lamenting how hard it is to find the right person when my optimistic friend declared, “There’s a lid for every pot.” Such a satisfying phrase, I thought. So sensible and simple; it made me think, Of course we’ll find our lids. I’m not even looking for a shiny copper lid that matches perfectly, so it should be as easy as boiling water.

But then I got to thinking about my disorganized kitchen cabinet and how actually half of my pans don’t have lids, have maybe never had lids. Most of them are just sturdy pans doing a great job flying solo; in fact, my favorite go-to pan didn’t come with a cover and is not any less of a pan for being lidless. And you know when I think about it, I rarely even use the lids I have. What do you need a lid for? Really, are lids necessary?

lots of lidless pans

lots of lidless pans


2 thoughts on “A lid for every pot

  1. No they are not. You can always use a cookie sheet. Who wants a boring lid when you can have a cookie sheet that also helps you produce yummy treats!

  2. Lid or no lid. I suppose it depends on what you want to cook. Lids keep the heat in but can also lead to boil-over. Lots of boil-over. Hmmm.

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