Vacation goals: none


SD Backyard Hammock

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I know the cool thing to do this year is to take a staycation, but too late. I’ve booked a good, old-fashioned vacation-vacation. Plus, that word—staycation—destined to become the word of the year (last year’s was locavore: someone who eats locally grown food), is annoying.

So, I’m packing up and heading north today to a cottage in midcoast Maine to enjoy the opposite of a jam-packed week. No phone. No computer. First on the agenda, unload the stack of books I’ve been saving for vacation. This is no time to read classics, but I don’t go in for beach reads either. Cost by Roxana Robinson is first up, then Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson, and Undiscovered Country by Lin Enger. Three books should do it, but if it rains every day and I finish them, well, that’s a perfect excuse to visit my favorite bookstore Down East: Rock City Books and Cafe in Rockland, Maine.

Next, I have to hit the farmers’ market in Belfast and stock up on good food to cook. At some point, I’ll take a drive along the coast, stopping for seafood or at an interesting coffeehouse. But I don’t want to tax myself. So, mostly I have to make sure the Adirondack chair or hammock is optimally placed for a view of the lake. Then I have to kick back with the stack of books within easy reach and not move for hours.


2 thoughts on “Vacation goals: none

  1. Your vacation sounds lovely. Enjoy the solitude! We miss you here at the mill, but most of the mill staff are behaving reasonably well–just grinding away as it were.

  2. Ok, it’s not fair that you’re enjoying the beauty of Maine and I’m stuck here looking out over a construction pit. Plus, I inadvertently started a brouhaha at work with one innocent remark. The youngsters are not happy with me. I feel like my mother. I need a vacation! And you need to come back so I can share all this angst with you. Dude, you’re so selfish.

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