Clean your desk

clean desk

Originally uploaded by Amanda Woodward

I found all kinds of good stuff when I tackled the paper piles on my desk at work after a serious lack of motivation to do anything work related forced me to do some decluttering. Among the unearthed: yellowing newspaper clippings that included a great recipe (pasta with blue cheese, roasted tomatoes in olive oil, and spinach; yum), an issue of The Boston Globe Calendar from the 90s that was fun to leaf through for its charming listing of telephone numbers and addresses—websites conspicuously absent, kitschy stickers for the calendar like a dentist reminder in the shape of a tooth, numerous things I’d been looking for over the years, a magazine photo of a haircut I wanted and still want, and five years’ worth of artsy calendars I finally recycled. My first thought at glimpsing the desk’s surface after so long, was Look at all the space I have for new piles.

This is not a photo of my desk, but it is my dream writing desk at home, which is a lot cooler and more achievable than my work desk that accumulates piles simply by its existence. But I vow to beat the piles down by never allowing them to build up. Now I have magazine holders for my folders (the piles stand up at least), and a desk organizer that doesn’t sag under the pressure. I am so on top of this. 

I give it a week.


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