What do I want for my birthday?

My birthday is in July—in a couple of weeks, in fact, in case you need to prepare—but my mom starts asking for my wish list in say, December. She likes to shop obscenely early for Christmas too, starting around June.

Any other time of the year, I find myself browsing store windows murmuring I must have that! Asked to come up with an idea on demand though, I draw a blank not unlike the permanently confused look of our leader. I can always come up with a few book titles and look forward to my stack being replenished around now, but there’s not a lot I want. I’m trying to reduce the “stuff” I already have, so I’ve placed a moratorium on buying me things. Gift cards are my friends, especially if they’re for an experience like dinner or a movie, a massage or a class.

Of course, if you’re really asking me what I’d like then I’d have to say Sox-Yankees tickets or better yet, season tickets and countless Sox wins. Yeah, that’s it. Or, wait: a clean desk. Now that would be a gift.


2 thoughts on “What do I want for my birthday?

  1. If you like, I can run around beating up star Yankees players in order to guarantee those countless Sox wins.

    Oh, wait…the Yankees are losing already *without* being beaten up by me. I think you already have your wish. 😉

    Happy birthday in advance, by the way.

  2. Thanks, B-Dog for making my dream a reality. I’m not a proponent of physical violence though…oh wait, yes I am. Let the beating begin! Incidentally, it’s game four of the series and the Sox are leading 4-2. I tell you this not to rub it in, but so you can head directly to Yankee Stadium and catch them by surprise–or you could just go to Madonna’s place…

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