Park art is for the birds

Some strange and wonderful things have cropped up on the Arsenal Center land in Watertown: twine-like cocoons and colorful pea pods. The honeycomb-like cocoons are subtle and caught my eye when they were drifting in the wind—giant interpretations of caterpillar retreats. That’s my take on them, anyway. Birds, listen up: this is a prime nesting opportunity.

Mother Pod is colorful, fanciful, and hard to miss: a larger-than-life pod connected, umbilical cord-like, to a baby pod, both in deep shades of red and purple. The soft material (felt and wool sweaters) makes you yearn to curl up and take a nap in the warmth of the pod.

The installments are part of the Arsenal Center for the Arts’ “Nature and Balance” exhibit that runs through the fall. I love serendipitous discoveries like this; I suspect the animals in the park will too.


One thought on “Park art is for the birds

  1. I am so gratified that you are enjoying the exhibition at the Arsenal! My piece, Mother Pod, has elicited a similar response from many people. I am glad that my sculpture gives a nurturing feeling to so many viewers.

    We will see if there are any nests inside at the end of the exhibition!

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