Love is a battlefield

I was on the phone with a guy the other day arranging our first date. That same night, I dreamt that I was going off to war. I didn’t want to go, of course, and it didn’t take much for me to make the leap: my subconscious was suggesting that I didn’t want a relationship either. Surely, Freud would say a dream that straightforward was like cheating.

Pat Benatar was spot on when she sang “Love is a battlefield.” Embarking on a relationship is not unlike going to war—possibly worse because you don’t have the benefit of weapons. True, we hadn’t even met yet, but you know how the mind works: a nice conversation leads to marriage. Content in my single life, I was clearly reticent to embark on this dangerous endeavor. I suspect I’d be happier safeguarding my liberties from the home front than on the battlefield manning artillery.

Turns our our date was postponed for logistical reasons (no, not because I let slip my nightmare), granting me a reprieve in which I can huddle with my subconscious troops and strategize a new plan of attack that perhaps involves retreat…


2 thoughts on “Love is a battlefield

  1. ALOHA,

    Read your post, and just wanted to invite you over to check out mine. If you ever dreamed before this might intrest you.


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