Desk picnicking

Every time I unfold my sandwich wrap, my co-workers crack up and then get jealous. I bring my lunch to work in this wrappable plastic cloth (think oilcloth), which unfolds into a place mat. In an effort to be more Earth-friendly and save a plastic bag, a paper bag, or plastic wrap, I stumbled on this cool reusable sandwich wrapper, Wrap-N-Mat, that you tuck your sandwich into and wipe clean at the end of the meal. It comes in a bunch of colors and patterns, but I’m partial to the old-fashioned a red and white checkered print that makes lunch feel like a picnic wherever you go. The website is a bit dated with lots of icons and flashy colors, but the idea is a good one. The wrap is one of those things that is hip and responsible now but that would have been so uncool in the junior high school cafeteria.


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