A cafe? For me? You shouldn’t have

On a stroll through my neighborhood recently, I stopped before a vacant storefront, drooling like it was a window display featuring Manolo Blahniks half off (sorry, cheap Sex and the City reference). The art deco building, straight out of the 50s, was most recently a liquor store. Today though, a sign in the window with a cool font (always a good omen), announced that a bakery and café called Sofra would be opening this summer. With Starbucks’ scant tables packed at all hours and Panera the go-to place if you want to camp out for four hour stretches, I was unnaturally excited that the hood was getting a new café.

A little online research turned up the fact that it’s a Middle Eastern bakery coming to town right around the corner from my house. I turn up every day hoping to thank the owner for picking this spot, but only contractors mill around inside transforming a dusty interior to what I hope will be a trendy but hidden spot. It’s like they’re opening a place just for me to satiate my sugar and lounging desires. Until, that is, everyone else discovers it, and then every Sunday there’s a line out the door for lamejuns. Great, now I’m preemptively annoyed.

**Update** Sofra opened today (8/19) and already there were people milling about outside this morning. It’s kind of killing me that I’m at work while there are earthquake cookies to be devoured and palace bread with rose and pistachio waiting to be sampled. The menu sounds lovely and aromatic and the descriptions reminiscent of an Anthropologie catalog. I’m only sorry it’s too close to my house to resist. But then, why resist?


3 thoughts on “A cafe? For me? You shouldn’t have

  1. This takes me back many years to the coffee shops in Tokyo. The usual menu was coffee brewed to order from freshly ground beans, cakes or a sweet bean paste concoction to satisfy the sweet tooth, and a place to sit for hours and read or make soft conversation with friends. In a crowded city, a quiet space filled with the smell of fresh coffee is a treasure. I hope your neighborhood cafe offers that kind of gentle escape.

  2. The new issue of The Improper, dated 6/10, has an article about Sofra. It’s a joint venture between Ana Orleans from Oleana and her pastry chef. It sounds great!!

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