This is so Lost

The fact that there are people out there who have never had contact with the outside world—uncontacted tribes—is hard to fathom. Survival International, a group dedicated to protecting indigenous cultures, has recently released photos documenting a never-before-seen tribe to prove their existence. This photo on Yahoo today of one such tribe living in the rain forest on the border of Brazil and Peru shows a couple of men aiming a bow and arrow at the helicopter that’s presumably hovering above. Or they may just be pointing giant sticks in threat. Hard to tell. Either way, can you imagine what these people—who have never seen cars, computers, cities, or fully clothed people—were thinking as this menacing bird flew over them taking photographs? Well, they wouldn’t know they were being photographed exactly, because what the hell is a camera? If they had cell phones though, you can bet they’d be texting up a storm after this brush with civilization. Really, forget about cars and computers, they’ve never seen books or pencils or paper or dogs or chairs or…anything.

How great would that be?

As fascinating as it would be for anthropologists to trek on down there and learn about these people (because I would so watch the PBS special that would follow), I vote for leaving them alone to live in their utopia—to remain “undiscovered,” uncontacted and happy. Their thatched-roof huts are pretty impressive though, and I fear before long the rush of eco-tourists looking to vacation amongst the tribe will flood the area and spoil this culture that has survived this long without interference. Then before you know it, we’ll turn on the Food Network and see Anthony Bourdain chowing down on Amazonian delicacies with these people on the brink of extinction.


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