Heart of stone

Nature just hits you over the head with beauty: the ocean, rainbows, sunrises, flowers; but I find stumbling on nature’s little surprises even more satisfying. How great was it as a kid to discover a rock worn smooth by waves or an odd-shaped pebble for your rock collection? I’m still wondering if a perfectly circular rock I found when I was five, complete with a face stenciled on it, was a real discovery or a treasure planted by my parents who knew I’d be scouring the entire dry rock bed. Either way, the moment was captured in a photo of me in gold bell-bottoms holding tight to the rock like it was the best moment of my life.

It follows then, that I would keep up this habit of pocketing smooth trinkets from the woods and the beach as an adult, with the occasional razor clam shell thrown in for variety. Beach glass became another obsession one summer, and I keep a colorful bowl of the smooth shards on my desk that reminds me of Nova Scotia.

I’d like to say I found my favorite heart-shaped rock (pictured below) out in nature while hiking in the White Mountains or at my secret Cape beach. Alas, I found it at a yard sale, a hobby that holds the same excitement of discovery. While pretty in the grass, the heart now sits on top of my compost pile to symbolize the richness of the soil bubbling beneath. Oh, the love!

A quick online search turned up a lot of sites devoted to heart-shaped rocks and some eye candy on Flickr. I’m not alone.


2 thoughts on “Heart of stone

  1. Hi,

    I like your article, came across it because I’ve found a heart shaped rock myself and have been wondering what to do with it. I want to get it made into a key ring or something else that I can present to my girlfriend. do you have any ideas other than a key ring for something personal that i can present to her???

    thanks, Dan


  2. Hi Dan,

    Glad you found the post–and the rock. Score! I love that you want to give it to your girlfriend in a creative way. The keychain is a great idea. If it’s a light rock, it could also be a pendant.

    How about presenting it in a little box with grass as a paperweight, or in a cute bag with other rocks (kind of a treasure hunt), or with an old-fashioned key from an antique store (you know, give her the key to your heart! Maybe that’s cheesy…), or carve/paint both of your initials on the back…

    You’re such a sweet boyfriend. : )

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