Mom vs. Mother Nature

Happy Mother’s Day mom–and to Mother Nature, the biggest mother of all. Let’s watch as they duke it out to see who’s most deserving.

In this corner, we have my mom who regularly baked chocolate chip cookies for my sister and me to snack on after school. Homemade, thank you very much. Large batches. One beater for each of us.

In this corner, we have Mother Nature who busts out the occasional rainbow. Pretty, but drawn to death by third graders who fancy unicorns.

Mom would randomly call into school to say I was sick so we could go out shopping for the day. Jordan Marsh was the it place.

Mother Nature provides rain, consistently providing me with bad hair days.

Mom saved my unimaginative artwork and short stories that featured unrealistic, one-dimensional animal characters. She treasured them anyway.

Mother Nature brings flowers; then they die.

Mom would sing along with me to the most ridiculous songs on Sesame Street like the one about the girl taking her llama to the dentist which featured the super catchy refrain: “Me and my llama; me and my llama, going to the dentist to-da-a-a-ay…” Watch the video; I dare you not to sing.

Mother Nature offers up kittens and koala bears, but she also sticks you with smelly animals like llamas with bad teeth.

Mom was the master of a dish we called Favorite Chicken. Secret recipe. Sorry.

Mother Nature also provides food; unfortunately, most of it is green and leafy. Seriously, you can’t win with vegetables.


One thought on “Mom vs. Mother Nature

  1. VERY catchy tune.

    If a llama will sit still for a teeth cleaning, why won’t my dog? Maybe I should show him this clip.

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