Get to know Campbell Scott

I know my five readers may not be as passionate about independent movies as I am, but today we’re going to profile an actor that you should get to know (not personally; leave that to me). Campbell Scott is the darling of art house films and for good reason. Son of the late George C. Scott and Colleen Dewhurst, Scott delivers his lines with Shakespearean articulation, a tribute, perhaps to good genes and his years in the theater. His penetrating gaze, charming smile, and good looks alone should have rocketed him to leading man roles in bigger films, but then maybe he’s rejected major movie studio suitors; he chooses his films very carefully (OK, aside from Music and Lyrics and the early Dying Young with Julia Roberts, which will always be a favorite, never mind what the critics say) and recently lent his voice to an oil commercial, which probably pays the bills—indie films not really raking in the cash that blockbusters do, which is not unlike our backward system that rewards oil execs with higher salaries than teachers. But I digress.

Scott has starred in Roger Dodger, The Secret Lives of Dentists, The Spanish Prisoner, Big Night, Singles, Longtime Companion and the TV show Six Degrees that was prematurely canceled last year (my friends called the show pretentious, but I mourned the loss like a pet that had died; besides, they watch Grey’s Anatomy so who are they to judge?). The abovementioned are only the less obscure films so if you haven’t seen at least one of those, we can’t be friends.

In Boston last year, I attended a staged reading of a one-man play, The Atheist, and Scott’s performance was so dynamic that it felt like a full-on production even without a set, other actors, or props—just him, alone on a stool reading the lines. His voice and skill were that good.

His latest film, Phoebe in Wonderland with Patricia Clarkson (also a sweetheart and stellar actress) and Elle Fanning, is playing tonight at the Somerville Theater as part of the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Clarkson and Scott are always good bets, so a movie with them together can only be a gem. What would be ideal, though, is if they attend the screening and take me home with them.


6 thoughts on “Get to know Campbell Scott

  1. I saw the movie Dying young this week (I had seen it years ago but bought the movie because I love Julia Roberts) and since then, I keep on looking at it, every day at least and I cry and cry. I think that Campbell Scott is such a wonderful actor, so good looking. I don’t understand why he didn’t win an oscar for his role in the movie. My God, what a powerful performance. I keep on watching the scenes (in bed with Julia, when they run near the water and gives her a kiss to dream on, and specially the end. Wow, what an actor. I want to know more about him and I will look at his other movies cause to me, he is so great. Thank you. Manon

  2. I too was completely absorbed with Six Degrees. I loved the whole idea of everyone being associated through someone else etc. Campbell Scott was great as Steven Caseman, although the entire cast were wonderful.

    Campell’s performance in Dying Young was breathtaking. He performed the role of Victor with such beautiful conviction!!

    I am shortly going to watch “The Secret Lives of Dentists” No doubt it will be as worthy to watch as everything else Campbell Scott performs in.

    His mother was also WONDERFUL as Marilla Cuthbert in the Anne of Green Gables series – one of my fave books/movies of all time – just as she was starring alongside Campbell in Dying Young.

    Hurrah for Campbell Scott is all I can say!!

  3. Manon and Kellie, so glad to hear you appreciate both the actor and the overlooked Dying Young. Makes me want to hack into and change the dismal 29% approval rating on the tomatometer to reflect reality. : )

  4. I completly agree with all of you. When I watch CS in Dying youg, I can feel his pain and almost read his mind by looking in his eyes. I THINK HE IS TOTALY HOT!!!!!

  5. I just watched ‘Dying young”. I still need to recover.It was … I cant believe I was watching it for the 5th time. Great acting by Scott.

  6. I just re-signed with cable Friday and while going through the guide last night I was thrilled to see Dying Young as one of the free In Demand movies. I’ll be watching it later tonight. I just love Campbell Scott in that film and I finally liked Julia Roberts after seeing her in it.

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